Countdown to the 2018 Weymouth Regatta – 8th/9th Sept

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Multiple IRC and non-IRC divisions will be created according to received entries. Non-IRC boats that are outside One Design classes will require a VPRS rating (at no charge) or a NHC Base List handicap.

Notice of Race

Yacht Regatta
per boat
  • 2018 Spinlock IRC Certificate or VPRS rating or NHC handicap
One Design Class
per boat
  • National Squib One Design

Race Documents

Skipper Packs containing printed copies of the Sailing Instructions will be available for each boat at Weymouth Sailing Club from 1800 on Friday.

At 2000 on Friday at Weymouth SC there will be the Commodore’s Welcome followed by a Competitors’ Briefing.

Notice of Race

Sailing Instructions

Sailing Instructions Annex – description of marks

Parental Consent Form – for competitors under 18 years old on Saturday 8th September


Class Class flag Backstay flag Description
Sportsboat IC 1 IC 1 J90, Grand Surprise, JS9000, Melges
IRC 3 IC 3 IC 3 IRC TCC >= 0.931
IRC 4 IC 4 IC 4 IRC TCC <= 0.930
Squib NN 9 Not required National Squib
Name Boat Type Boat Name Sail number
Kathy Claydon Arcona 370 Arcsine GBR8643T
Simon Ruddick Archambault Surprise 25 Betty 8331
Gary Owens Grand Surprise Bon Vacances GBR4267L
Mark Bugler J97 Saskia VII GBR9297
Tim McKinnon MG Spring 25 Springbok GBR5066T
David McCune National Squib Inky Finger 63
Mike Street Contessa 32 Moonshadow 2 354
Terry Dinmore Quarter tonner Captain Moonlight GBR7430
Patrick Jones National Squib Inquisition 608
Mark Talbot Elan 295 Effusion GBR8295T
Stephen HB JPK 960 Tilted FRA27920
Paul Craft Melges 24 MOD Mini Mayhem GBR9063T
Tim Gallego Grand Surprise Surprise GBR9802T
T.Rees/J.Wood Grand Surprise Passion GBR3762
Nick Munson Dehler 28 Kolibri GBR3978
Simon Vines National Squib Hope 903
Jim Chalmers National Squib Artful Dodger 773
Kevin Connor JS9000 RWH GBR9003T
Rick Bruton Grand Surprise Qu au Rhum2 GBR4672L
Kevin Taylor Elan E3 Panache GBR4710L
Robert Gibson Humphreys One Off Hope & Glory GBR641
Al Doughty J109 Jelenko GBR5809R
Peter Hopford Sigma 33 Scoline GBR4466
Adrian Everitt Hustler 25.5 Ella 7035
Peter Jackson National Squib Aldebaran 153
Mike Fenwick National Squib Ghost Rider 758
Richard Woof J90 Jo 90 GBR2090R
Colin Hall J35 Outrageous GBR9095R
Ann Whitfield Seascape 18 Nico Libre GBR309
James Chalmers J35 Bengal Magic IRL725
Jim Mitchell National Squib Jubilation 86
Keith Lovett Ecume de Mer MS Amlin QT GBR1972
Paul Elson Achilles 9m Orion 48
Kirsty White MG335 Crewcut 1662C
Eddie Harper National Squib Quantum 780