Richard Bowers, Martin Pascoe (OD) and I have decided that the event this weekend will be postponed.

Saturday is a no no and many boats have said they will not race on Sunday. I have taken a poll of most of you and eleven entries out of sixteen have expressed support for a postponement. One day’s racing with half the boats missing is not a regatta. Let’s hope that we can find another weekend and maintain the legacy of last year’s brilliant event.

Thank you all for entering and particular thanks to the volunteer race team. Martin, Julie, and Megan Pascoe, Pete Bell and Helen Middleton Stewart, Celia Rushton and John Tonks.

Sunny days ahead 

Andy Gaunt

2023 Weymouth Yacht Regatta

YCW Yacht Racing Championships
This year the Yacht clubs of Weymouth Yacht Regatta will be held over the weekend of 15th & 16th July.
The racing will be run using the VPRS handicap system.
Entry fee is £5 per crew member. Details on entry form.
WSC boats who do not have a VPRS certificate and did not race last year please forward details to urgently to Ruth Kelly via VPRS website. VPRS certificates will be issued free of charge but are only valid for the week end of the 15 and 16th July 2023 .

Parents/guardians of sailors under 18 will please need to fill in a Parental Consent Form.

2023 Competitors

  • Nice Shirt

  • JoJo

  • Wookie

  • Ella

  • Saskia V

  • Double Vision

  • Suspicion

  • Qu au rhum 2

  • Grey Knott

  • Rumrunner

  • Cartahu

  • Bon Vacances!

  • Passion

  • Samurai

  • Barracuda

  • White Magic

  • Tilted

About Weymouth Yacht Regatta

All racing for the Regatta happens in Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour – chosen for the London 2012 Olympics due its steady breeze, easy race course access within 10 minutes of leaving your mooring and the ability to set a variety of courses.

Weymouth Regatta is organised by the Yacht Clubs of Weymouth (YCW), coordinating the volunteers and facilities from local sailing organisations: Weymouth Sailing Club, Castle Cove Sailing Club, Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy, Royal Dorset Yacht Club and RNSA Portland.

Please contact with any enquiries.