2022 Weymouth Yacht Regatta

YCW Yacht Racing Championships
This year the Yacht clubs of Weymouth Yacht Regatta will be held over the weekend of 16th & 17th July.
The racing will be run using the VPRS with additional prizes for IRC and Squibs being calculated alongside the main results.
Entry is free for yachts belonging to a YCW club ( Weymouth Sailing Club, Royal Dorset Yacht Club, Castle Cove Sailing Club and Royal Naval Sailing Association ).

Parents/guardians of sailors under 18 will please need to fill in a Parental Consent Form.

About Weymouth Yacht Regatta

All racing for the Regatta happens in Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour – chosen for the London 2012 Olympics due its steady breeze, easy race course access within 10 minutes of leaving your mooring and the ability to set a variety of courses.

Weymouth Regatta is organised by the Yacht Clubs of Weymouth (YCW), coordinating the volunteers and facilities from local sailing organisations: Weymouth Sailing Club, Castle Cove Sailing Club, Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy, Royal Dorset Yacht Club and RNSA Portland.

Please contact secretary@weymouthregatta.uk with any enquiries.