2022 Weymouth Yacht Regatta

YCW Yacht Racing Championships
This year the Yacht clubs of Weymouth Yacht Regatta will be held over the weekend of 16th & 17th July.
The racing will be run using the VPRS with additional prizes for IRC and Squibs being calculated alongside the main results.
Entry is free for yachts belonging to a YCW club (Weymouth Sailing Club, Royal Dorset Yacht Club, Castle Cove Sailing Club and Royal Naval Sailing Association).

Parents/guardians of sailors under 18 will please need to fill in a Parental Consent Form.

YCW Town Regatta Entries

Sail Number Boat Name Boat Owners name Boat type / Design VPRS rating (If known)
786 Barracuda  Bill Barker/James Cash  Sonata 0.815
7035 Ella  Adrian Everitt Hustler 25.5 0.834
7057N Siren David Brooke-Smith  Hunter 707 0.926
8070 Hobo Sarah Pank/Debbie McDine/Kate Hinton/Sandra Smith Sonata 0.815
8166N Blue Moon  Micky O’Toole, Dave Humphreys, Matt Grist  Sonata  0.815
FRA15516 JoJo Mike Allen Jeanneau JOD24 0.882
3447 Rumrunner Josie Dadd Achillies 9m 0.867
903 Hope Simon and Jill Vines Squib 0.775
4267l Bon vacances  Gary Owens  Grand Surprise  1.009
5336 Grey Knott Joan Whyte Hanse 315 0.872
GBR3978L Kolibri Nick Munson Dealer 28 0.884
6482 Suspicion Colin hall J24 0.894
844 Saskia V Richard Frost Squib 0.775
GBR3673L Dulcibella  Murray Fraser  VICTORIA 800 CUTTER TBC 
86 Jubilation Ray Capp & Jim Mitchell Squib 0.775
GBR 5066T Springbok Tim McKinnon & Paul Lloyd MG Spring 25 0.856
4672 Qu au rhum 2 Rick Bruton Grand Surprise 1.009
FRA27920 Tilted Stephen Homan-Berry JPK960 0.984
608 Inquisition Patrick Jones & Robert Hawes Squib 0.775
GBR 9908T Bewitched Geoff Webster Grand Surprise 1.009
GBR 8368 Samurai  Andy Gaunt  Sonata 0.815
604 Speculator Mike Street Squib 0.775
GBR8295T Effusion Mark Talbot Elan 295 0.921
GBR8238N Quickstep Des Quick Sonata 0.815
735 Iceni rebel  Mike Lloyd Squib  0.775

About Weymouth Yacht Regatta

All racing for the Regatta happens in Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour – chosen for the London 2012 Olympics due its steady breeze, easy race course access within 10 minutes of leaving your mooring and the ability to set a variety of courses.

Weymouth Regatta is organised by the Yacht Clubs of Weymouth (YCW), coordinating the volunteers and facilities from local sailing organisations: Weymouth Sailing Club, Castle Cove Sailing Club, Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy, Royal Dorset Yacht Club and RNSA Portland.

Please contact secretary@weymouthregatta.uk with any enquiries.